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Monday, December 13, 2004

Technical Difficulties Regarding Final Video

After having attended the Edward Tufte "Presenting Information and Data" conference in Palo Alto last friday, the idea of details directly tied to credibility is evident for this work. That's why I'm dissapointed in the quality of video I'm able to get through my cable box and tv tuner. The cable box unfortunately does not have S-Video out, so I have to use a regular RCA video cable. Needless to say the image is quite lossy, even though it's digital cable. Also, my compression has been too high to pick up details on the fine print used in commercials.

Anyway, I went to work trimming out the excess commercials around all the excellent fine print I found. I tried to copy my first CD worth of recorded video (I have 3) to the hard drive, but even though it says I have 15gb left in my quota when I log in, it states that there's only 108mb left in my directory. After having edited with the files from the CD, and trying to get the files from the next CD, it states that the media was taken out. I'm trying to correct this problem by copying all the CDs contents to the scratch disk, and then relinking the final cut media to that.

While on the lookout for fine print and reviewing what I recorded, I have noticed certain trends in fineprint as it's associated to the content of the commercial. This project would ideally be more effective if it were a series of looping videos on display in a gallery. Each one displaying fineprint from a genre of commercials (ie: financial, automobiles, medication, foodstuffs, etc). This would leave the viewer to come to their own conclusions as to which genre fit which video display. Ideally the video should be captured with as much detail and clarity as possible, so as to show off how camouflaged and intentionally misreadable these prints are, no matter how clearly seen on the viewer end.

As for this project, I will continue to work on it today and hopefully come up for what would be a low resolution example of the more detailed project above, encapsulating a wide variety of commercial types to show more contrasting examples of fine print usage.

I intend to either finish this today and turn in my CD, or wrap it up tuesday night and turn it in wednesday so I can work on my animation final tonight.


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