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Monday, December 06, 2004

Refined Methodology

Horizontal bars of video only displaying the fine print from commercials. Only print that is not read audibly by the narrater will be used. All audio is cut out and all that's left is the visual. If the print is originally too small, the video will be enlarged to make it readable, and if it appears and disappears too quickly, then the video will be slowed down to make it readable.

I want to critique the legal obligation of corporations to include information in their commercials, specifically when the "information stuffing" is done via fine print at the bottom of the screen. I believe this technique is used to camouflage unsavory information, or merely information that the corporation wishes to hide in order to further their agenda. By revealing the print at a larger scale and for a longer duration of time to allow people to read and absorb the information, it negates the advertisers efforts to hide it.

Interesting links on the topic:
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