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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Video Editing... Concepts and Techniques

So now that we're so close to the due date (tomorrow, that is) I am into the editing stage of my piece. I've been sitting here in the Cadre lab converting my mpegs to mov files so that final cut pro can read them without a hitch. I'm troubled by the fact that I didn't get many commercials recorded, and the ones I did see often were recurring, and pointless to re-record (a lot of enzyte and ambien). What I probably should have done is logged the events, times, and channel of commercials and what medication and pharmacuetical company it is. This would begin to build a database of one persons exposure to direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medication. Unfortunately, this idea came to me long into this.

Now I'm focusing on what can be done with the clips I have to illustrate my methodology. I want to piece them together somehow to express the growing trend of direct-to-consumer advertising on an exponential scale, and ideally tie in an expression of the resulting funding into research and development (although this would be extremely dificult to accomplish).

It's my natural instinct to begin with audio, but if I can find some really good visuals in the commercials, I may want to work those in earlier and plan out a progression of images.

I will most likely have more posted later.


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