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Sunday, November 07, 2004

*sigh*... murphy's law?

So I was converting clips to .mov so that they'll be readable by final cut (zoloft unfortunately won't convert), and I was editing out the excess clips of trailing commercials, and when I tried to save I was unable to because the server had crashed. I restarted, and was unable to log in, leaving me with access to no network file system and no applications. After a while I decided to blog what was going on, but low and behold... blogspot decides it's a good time to malfunction and not let me edit or post to my blog. I'm hoping that since I was able to change the font size of the previous post I should be able to post this now.

After that ordeal I just left and went home to move the rest of my stuff into my new room. It is more spacious, and has greatly improved my feng shui.

I'm going to be in the lab as soon as I wake up tomorrow, coffee in hand.


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