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Monday, November 08, 2004

Progression through technique

So, I believe I'm making quite good progress now. I was able to finally get the zoloft clip to convert to .mov for use in this project, which is good because it has lots of good material. What I've done is spliced the clips into sections, and put the particular clips into their own bins in the browser. The different types of clips are calming video, "talk to your doctor" audio, side effects audio, and brand slogans. These are good for a basis to start editing with. I will soon add soothing audio (which is difficult to find, since there's most always narration), stimulating video (has lots of color and movement), and I believe symptom audio, although there is not much to select from and work with (and is sometimes not as literal and direct as it should be. [ie: enzyte])

I will combine all of this data that I have organized and form it into a progression from soothing to chaotic and overwhelming, emulating the growth of direct-to-consumer advertising over broadcast media.

I will be keeping this video under a minute to keep it similar to the commercial context from which it came.


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