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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Possible Project 4 Methodologies

So, seeing as how we were supposed to bring in a piece of text to work with, I thought of bringing in one of my favorite novels; 1984. I had the idea to make a more calculable solution by working with phrase searching utilizing python data parsing. I want to compare the occurance of long string phrases between 1984 and state of the union speeches during the last presidential term. The difficult part is selecting what phrases to search for, as well as interpreting the resulting data in a video. I could always do that by overlapping or mirroring (cutting between) audio/video of the state of the union speeches and the film version of 1984 (or a narrated version of the text).

I was also pondering an idea the past week, not related to text but text on television. I would record all commercials and then crop them in final cut to show ONLY the fine print at the bottom of the screen which reveals the details on the product. The viewer would have vague reference to what the commercial would actually be about, but they would have an enlarged and readable view (as well as perhaps extended duration) of the text. I believe this would reveal interesting characteristics about commercials regarding their directness of information and honesty.


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