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Monday, October 25, 2004

On second thought...

I thought about the use of explicit footage of side effects in the commercials, but after a few days of consideration it seems a bit obvious and almost cliche to include the "reality" of something that's spun.

I'm still having trouble finding prescription medication commercials on TV. I've been watching TV while doing pretty much everything in hopes of seeing a commercial and recording it, and it's sort of distracting. Comedy central seems to have a fair amount of pharmacuetical commercials. I was checking network TV to see if there was a higher percentage of them, but I didn't seem to see as many.

I think what I'll do from now on is mute, or lower the volume on the TV until the commercials come on, then I can focus most of my attention on them for 5 minutes or whatever while doing my other work.

Actually, an idea just came to me. If I could use multiple windows of video to illustrate the increase in pharmacuetical industry spending on direct-to-consumer advertising. I start by using commercials of the drugs that were initially advertised (not the original commercials, since those would be incredibly difficult to get, but current ones), and gradually add more and more of the newer drugs to the picture frame. I'll have to think about it a bit more...


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